Embrace Your Uniqueness

With Confidence

We run a variety of trainings from 90 minute Masterclasses to 15 Day Master Practitioner of NLP, Coaching and QPT Certification trainings. All of our courses are designed to help you develop yourself AND help you develop others, whether that's your clients, staff or even your children.

Whether you like it or not, our lives and businesses rely on our ability to communicate with others. The successful outcome depends on the nature and situation of that interaction, whether its with our families or with our clients. If you can't relate to people and meet them where they are, you might struggle with relationships both at home and at work.

The way you deal with the events that happen throughout your life and business are reliant on how self-aware you are, your resilience levels, how you manage your thoughts, emotions and behaviours, and whether your purpose, values and beliefs are aligned with your goals.

Our trainings build on your previous experiences so each is unique and created with the specific audience in mind. Each training will differ to the last based on who is attending and what their needs are, so they are truly bespoke and designed so you get the level of transformational change you desire. We pride ourselves on presenting informative trainings where you can practice the techniques and skills you've learned in a safe, calm, yet fun environment.

You can train with us both online and in-person, or even hire us to develop a bespoke training for you and your business.

Are you ready to get out of your own way, face your fears and clean up the shi...zzle that's stopping you being bloomin' awesome?

Through 1:1 or group coaching programmes, Powerful Progress NLP+ training courses or presenting bespoke workshops for your business, I will guide you to overcome your struggles, uncover possibilities and help you gain the insights, clarity and outcomes you deserve.

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