Hi, I'm DebRa

Progressive Heads Global Founder.

Throughout my life, I have always been the person people come to for advice. I would listen without judgement and sometimes give options to mull over, even when I was in school as a teenager!

I wanted to be a dancer when I was younger, but as someone smaller than 5'7" and larger than a size 8, someone of my size and stature in the dance world, back in the 80's was unheard of. So, I decided I'd teach dance instead. Luckily for me, dance had ju2 Columnst become part of the PE National Curriculum and as I loved a variety of sporting activities, I qualified as a PE Teacher. Over two of those summer breaks I decided to work as a counsellor at Camp Walden, Michigan which shaped me as a human and as a teacher.

You see, my main purpose in life is to help and inspire others.

You may find it surprising then, that although I really enjoyed teaching in the early days as I made lessons fun and engaging, after a number of years, I became disillusioned with the profession.
I was also really rubbish at gaining perspective for myself and would often get stuck in a loop of negativity
having very little self-worth.

So, I decided to go travelling
to 'find myself!' Sold my house, quit my job, said goodbye to the husband and bought an around the world ticket.

You would have thought that everything would be great, right?

When I came back I started to read self-help books and took
a number of personal development courses, but I would still hit that brick wall of inner negativity, a lack of self-worth, panic attacks and eventually depression.

All of this made me take stock of my life and

I realised this could not continue the way it was.

I'd read an NLP book a few years earlier and decided that's what I'd learn next as there were tangible techniques to use so I could really help people who were entrusting me to help them. So, I signed up to learn NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy (TM) .

Imagine my surprise when the first person I really helped was me!

The results were phenomenal and I really started to love living life again. I had more control over how I would react in scenarios that previously sticking my head in the sand and diving under the duvet cover for a couple of days.

Now. it's really important for me to carry on evolving myself, and as I always want to help and inspire others, I continued my development and completed Trainer's Training in NLP.

This year I've developed The Powerful Progress NLP+ and Quantum Master NLP+

Training programs which help you create transformation for yourself and others. It incorporates Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Coaching
and Quantum Progress Timelines (QPT) Techniques where you can also be accredited by the ABNLP and Certified in coaching and QPT.

Check us out!

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Through 1:1 or group coaching programmes, Powerful Progress NLP+ training courses or presenting bespoke workshops for your business, I will guide you to overcome your struggles, uncover possibilities and help you gain the insights, clarity and outcomes you deserve.


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