1:1 Coaching for Impactful Change

Are you tired of feeling like the oddball in your industry?Do you struggle to fit in with traditional business models?Do you feel like you're constantly swimming upstream as you're not like the rest of 'em?

Well you're in luck!

specialises in working with people just like you who are a little bit...different.

If you're feeling a little lost, a little unconventional or a little bit spicy, you've come to the right place as we're all about transforming quirky business owners into masters of their own destinies through the power of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming, QPT (Quantum Progressive Timelines), Coaching and Hypnosis.

As a misfit, you may face challenges that other people do not. Whether you think your issues are super complex or you feel your
unconventional style holds you back, DebRa will help you
tap into your unique strengths and quirks so you can turn them into your superpowers.

Our coaching programs are designed to help you tap into your unique strengths, embrace your quirks, your spice, your misfit magic, and use it to your advantage. Whether you want to increase confidence, overcome fear and self-doubt, improve communication skills, or build better relationships with clients and even those you love, DebRa can help you achieve these outcomes.

Everyone has the potential to create the life and business they desire!

So if you're ready to take yourself and your business to the next level, book a 'Connection Call' with DebRa today.

Let's make some magic happen!

Before I choose to work with a client, it's important we have a call together to decide if we are suitable for each other. I will only work with clients who I believe I can help get their dream outcome and build a long term connection with.


What People are saying

I'd dreamed of performing all my life and had a scholarship to go to Sylvia Laing. A lack of self-belief, self- doubt and anxiety was destroying that dream. After each hour with Debs I became more confident as both a performer
within myself.

I felt safe enough to share my deepest fears and worries
being guided every step of the way as she worked through my problems.

I can proudly say that I've graduated from one of the most prestigious Drama schools in London and now perform as a professional with Mamma Mia the Musical. Thank you Debs x

We approached Debs initially to work with our daughter who was getting out of control, at home and at school.

After having a session with both of us and our kids, Debs suggested the most powerful changes would come if all of us worked with her. Sometimes we had whole family sessions and sometimes we had individual sessions.

Our daughter still has the odd meltdown but we work it out calmly. She's also doing better in school as she has techniques to help her while she's there. Our own relationship has dramatically improved, our youngest is just happy that the family home has laughter in it.

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